[[t]lɑ͟ːðə(r), læ̱ðə(r)[/t]]
lathers, lathering, lathered
1) N-SING A lather is a white mass of bubbles which is produced by mixing a substance such as soap or washing powder with water.

...the sort of water that easily makes a lather with soap...

He wiped off the remains of the lather with a towel.

2) VERB When a substance such as soap or washing powder lathers, it produces a white mass of bubbles because it has been mixed with water.

The shampoo lathers and foams so much it's very hard to rinse it all out.

3) VERB If you lather something, you rub a substance such as soap or washing powder on it until a lather is produced, in order to clean it.

[V n] Lather your hair as normal...

[V n with adv] For super-soft skin, lather on a light body lotion before you bathe. [Also V n prep]

4) PHRASE: V inflects If you say that someone works themselves up into a lather or gets in a lather about something, you think that they are getting upset, angry, or worried about it when there is no need to do so.

You have spent the past six months working yourself up into a lather over situations which are really none of your business...

`I'm not going to get into a lather over this defeat,' said the manager.

English dictionary. 2008.

(of soap and water),

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